Vintage Christmas Gifts You Had…And So Can Your Kids

Vintage Christmas

This year, try sharing vintage Christmas gifts you received as a child. Many of those toys are still available today. A few have evolved a bit over time, and some are still the same. Here are a few of the things you probably had as a kid, and would be great to share with your kids, nieces, and nephews.

Red Ryder BB Gun

I had to start with this one. The Red Ryder BB Gun was made a classic by the movie A Christmas Story, the debate of when is too soon to buy a child their first BB gun still goes on today. I had a BB gun, it was lots of fun. Yes, I hurt myself once or twice, but one learns quickly when the repercussions are swift and stinging – I lived, and so did plenty of other kids.


The Slinky has been around since 1945. I didn’t have stairs in my house when I had a Slinky, but I stacked books on the kitchen counter, arranged stools and chairs below the counter, and watched that Slinky walk its way down. It’s amazing how much time a kid can spend with a seemingly simple thing. You can still buy the original metal ones today, as well as plastic ones in different colors. There’s no way those plastic ones make the same sounds as the metal ones though, I’d recommend going with the original for your vintage Christmas.

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs are a classic vintage Christmas gift. They have been around since 1918! They’re in the National Toy Hall of Fame! This set comes in a classic tin, but there are plenty of other sets available. One of the great things about Lincoln Logs is that kids have a lot of flexibility in what they build. Sure you can build the cabin on the box, but you can also let your imagination run wild and create all kinds of structures. They also then tie in with other toys like cars, horses, and people. Why not build a log cabin and stables for your Lego men and dragons?

Erector Set
Erector Set - Vintage Christmas

Erecotr Set - Vintage Christmas

Vintage Erector Set Ad

The Erector Set has changed a bit through the years, but still has the same fundamental principles. There are lots of specific kits available made to build a single toy, but this set is “multi-purpose”, and maybe even more so than the Lincoln Logs, let’s you build anything you can imagine. Instead of crushing candy on a smartphone, how about building (and learning) something?


Build Your Own Internal Combustion Engine

Speaking of building and learning, this is both a model-building and a practical learning experience. As you build the Internal Combustion Engine model, you learn about the parts of of the engine, their purposes, and how they interact. It’s good to know the difference between a camshaft and a valve. This could be a great school project as well. Start feeding that inner-tinkerer now!

Easy Bake Oven

The Easy-Bake Oven has changed a lot through the years, but the same concept still applies – kids can safely cook food that they (and you) can actually eat. This set is exclusive to Amazon and includes everything you need to start cooking Christmas morning.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Knock his block off!!! Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots is way more fun than violent, as anyone who ever had one will tell you. It’s a classic and hasn’t changed in years and years. Need to settle a household dispute between siblings? Don’t take sides or flip a coin – best 3 out of 5 rounds wins!


Yep. Jacks. Seriously, have tried this game? It’s hard! I would argue it’s better for hand-eye coordination than any game console – these things can go anywhere! These ones come in a cool classic tin container. Think vintage Christmas stocking stuffer.

Pick Up Sticks

Not ready for Jacks for just yet – try classic Pick-Up Sticks. It’s quieter and takes longer to play, which moves it up the parental rating scale in my book. Here in a cool wood container.


For the Little Ones

Here are some classics for the littler ones who shouldn’t be playing with jacks

Wooden Letter Blocks – You can use these Wooden ABC/123 Blocks
for decor or arts & crafts when the kids are done with them.

Wooden Building Blocks – Add these Wood Blocks to your Lincoln Log collection above.

Play-Doh – You know you need this, Play-Doh
needs no explanation…


Use the Comment section to let me know what vintage Christmas gifts I’ve missed, or just to reminisce

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