Pendant Light – 3 Options Under $50 With a Vintage Feel

Pendant Light 3 Under 50

A new pendant light can do a lot to change the look of a room. If you’re not ready for a full design overhaul a new pendant light is a good place to start. It’s simple to do, it should take less than an hour. And it can be an inexpensive way to start “trying on” a larger décor change.

Here are 3 pendant light options for under $50 which you can be using in your home this week.

Pendant Light 1
Pendant light

This is by far the easiest option to install. If you have recessed (also known as “can”) lighting in your kitchen or office/den, this is a good option. This pendant light actually screws into your existing recessed light. Simply remove your existing bulb and the cord for this light screws right in its place. It comes with a canopy which covers the existing fixture to complete the look. This should take you literally 10 minutes to install, no tools needed. Very clever.

The drop height is adjustable from 8 inches to 4 feet from the ceiling. The light simply hangs from a cord, which you can wrap up under the canopy on a supplied bracket to get the right height for you.

The shade is a hammered copper finish. Antiqued copper is good because it’s a little bit “soft” and a little bit “industrial”. It goes well with concrete, granite, and wood. The interior of the shade is white to help reflect the maximum amount of light downward.

The light supports up to a 75 watt bulb. There are 2 in the picture above, they are sold individually.

You can check the price or buy the light here. For this option, the shipping will likely put you just over the $50 mark, but it’s such a substantial light, and a great solution for updating recessed lighting, I wanted to include it. If you try it, send us some pictures so we can share.

Pendant Light 2
pendant light

If you’re looking for something simple and mid-sized, this large mason jar pendant light is for you.

This pendant light requires no electrical installation. It has a plug and an on/off switch so you can use it anywhere.

One feature I really like is that has a cloth covered cord. Nothing mars the impact of an attempt at vintage like using a modern plastic-sheathed cord.  The cord is 15½ feet long. If you have 8 foot ceilings that gives you a lot of leeway in mounting locations. If you have 10 or 12 foot ceilings, or vaulted ceilings, plugging it into a wall outlet might mean you need to plan ahead. You could use a socket-to-outlet adapter which converts an existing ceiling light socket into an outlet. They’re cheap and handy.

Another feature I like is that this isn’t your typical mason jar pendant light. First, it’s not a quart jar, as are most. It’s a half-gallon mason jar.  It’s 11¼ inches tall (nearly a foot), and 4½ inches in diameter. The jar has raised lettering, and is clear to help show off the bulb.

One last feature of this light is that it is well-ventilated. I know that’s not a design consideration and is often overlooked, but heat can be a real hazard. The bottom of the mason jar is open, cleanly cut, which is difficult to do yourself. Also, the top of the fixture has ventilation holes to allow heat to escape.

At current prices when this was posted, you can buy a great Edison bulb to showcase in this light and still stay under the $50 limit. Here’s a 40 watt option with a Squirrel Cage filamentedison bulb which  produces 135 lumens.
edison bulb

And here’s a 60 watt option with a quad-loop filament design which produces a brighter 200 lumens.
edison bulbedison bulb

Both options allow you to stay under the $50 limit. You can check the current price or buy the Half Gallon Open Bottom Mason Jar Pendant Lamp heremason jar pendant light

 Pendant Light 3

pendant lightpendant light

This pendant light option provides 3 lights over a space of about 2 feet. The canopy itself is actually 23½ inches long. It’s a great option over an island, breakfast bar, or a work surface.

This light does mount to a standard junction box, it doesn’t screw into an existing fixture or plug into a wall. We have an article on replacing an existing light fixture, it’s easy to do and we’ll walk you through it. You can have this mounted in less than hour.

The lights hang by the cords rather than rods, so the length is adjustable. The longest they can be adjusted to is 50 inches, or just over 4 feet. That should be sufficient for most locations.

The 3 sockets accept standard base bulbs, so you have lots of options.  You can stay under the $50 limit with 3 of these 40 watt Edison bulbs with squirrel cage filamentedison bulb.
Edison bulb with squirrel cage filamentpendant light edison bulb

The sockets also have mounting rings for standard 2¼ inch fitter glass shadespendant glass shades if you would like to add shades. We couldn’t find any which would stay under the $50 for 3 of them, but they’re not much more if you want them.

You can check the price and buy the 3-Light bronze mini pendant light herependant light.

There you have it, 3 pendant light options that fit into a vintage decor for under fifty dollars. All of which you can have and be using in your house within days or a week. Hopefully you found one which appeals to you. Send us a picture of one of these pendant light options in your home, we would be happy to share it with others to provide some inspiration.

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