DIY Edison Lamp Projects

Here are some of the DIY Edison Lamp projects we’ve built.  Hopefully they’ll provide some inspiration for your next DIY Edison lamp project.

We would also LOVE to see your own vintage DIY Edison lamp projects. Take some pictures along the way and send us an email when it’s done. With your permission, we’ll post it here for you to share.

We build projects using items we find at flea markets, estate sales, and vintage or antique stores. We always use new electrical parts for our DIY light projects – better safe than sorry. Old electrical wires can be dangerous to use.

If you’re looking for supplies for your DIY Edison lamp projects, we can help. We’ve hand selected lots of plugs, sockets, cloth covered electrical wire, and Edison bulbs and grouped them together to ease your shopping – visit our Shopping page. To compare Edison bulbs before buying visit Bulb-O-Matic, and let us know if there’s anything you couldn’t find.

DIY Edison Lamp Projects

Desk Lamp

Unique Floor Lamps Using Vintage Books

This project takes a simple outdoor hanging basket planter and creates a light which goes with several different decor styles.

DIY Edison lamp

This post walks through refurbishing a vintage railroad lantern light originally made decades ago.

Lantern Light


This post shows 3 pendant light options for under $50, with a vintage feel. These lights are simple to install yourself.

Pendant Light Kit

This article outlines how to build your own DIY Edison lamp. It may be hardwired or plug into an existing outlet. There are several options, depending on your taste and budget.

DIY Edison lamp - Ox Yoke Light

In one of our more popular DIY Edison lamp projects, we used an old yoke we picked up at an antique store, and some outdoor gas station style light shades.





DIY Edison lamp - Pulley Pendant Light

Vintage Wooden Pulley Pendant Light

We see pulleys all the time, and there are many ways to build a pendant light using them. This project uses a single pulley, and uses the pulley to allow for an adjustable length for the light. There are several DIY Edison lamp projects involving a pulley, and we have a box of pulleys waiting, so we’ll be posting alternative projects in the future.