Compare Before You Buy Edison Bulbs

Compare Edison Light Bulbs

Introducing Bulb-O-Matic

Bulb-O-Matic - Buy Edison Bulbs

Buying Edison bulbs can be confusing. It’s hard to choose the right one for the job. There are different base sizes, different bulb shapes, and different filament designs. Also, it’s hard to predict the brightness of an Edison bulb.

Bulb-O-Matic is the answer. Bulb-O-Matic makes Edison bulb comparison shopping easy. Bulb-O-Matic has researched all the vintage bulb manufacturer sites and collected all the data. All you need to do is specify the size of the bulb base you need, and select the light bulb shapes you are interested in. Push a button and Bulb-O-Matic does the rest. Bulb-O-Matic will show you bulbs which fit your criteria. Bulb-O-Matic will give you other useful information like how many lumens the bulb produces, and what the rated life of the bulb is.

Bulb-O-Matic wants you to buy the right Edison bulb. Bulb-O-Matic is free. Bulb-O-Matic makes it easy and fun. If you want to buy Edison bulbs, Bulb-O-Matic is for you.

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