About EdisonBulbs.net

I love vintage and antique items and décor, including Edison bulbs. I’ve found websites which focus on antique clocks, fans, furniture, typewriters – almost anything. What I couldn’t find was a site focused on Edison bulbs, creating your own vintage lighting, and the chance to learn something new along the way. I created EdisonBulbs.net to be a resource for anyone who is as interested as I am in this niche.

If you’re crafty, a tinkerer, or look at a vintage object and think about what you could create with it, then this site is for you. I’ve restored antique fans from the late 1800’s to look as shiny as they were when they were new, tried my skills less successfully in reupholstering vintage chairs, and restored antique clocks to name a few projects. Mostly though, I like to create lights. Antique fire extinguishers, gas cans, wooden barn pulleys, an ox yoke, a railroad tie, to me they all look like lights waiting to be made.

Even if you’re not up to building part of vintage lighting and just want to include some Edison bulbs in your décor at home, I’ve included resources here for you as well. I’ve hand picked lighting fixtures and bulbs, and provided instructions on how to replace an existing light fixture in your home.

This site does contain affiliate links to products. I look through thousands of search results, primarily on Amazon, because they have a large selection, good prices, and their site is easy to shop from. I’ve been using them for years, as probably have you, and almost always have a good experience. I do receive a small commission if you buy something through one of the links on this site. You get the same price as you would had you not been to my site, and you don’t have to sort through tons of search results to find the cool vintage-y stuff. I don’t collect information about you and I get no information about you from Amazon. The Privacy Policy outlines this in more detail.

Beyond the products, there is an article on the history of the Edison bulb, and a few articles on how to do all the wiring you need to do with lighting. It’s really pretty simple, don’t be intimidated by it. Give it a try and you’ll be glad you did. I’ve also provided links on the Resources page to Edison bulb manufacturers and some other related electrical organizations. I also post projects I’ve been working on from time to time, walking you through how I built it, and making suggestions on building your own.

If you’re into Edison bulbs and vintage lighting, I hope you find this site interesting, and maybe even useful. If you do, I would love to hear from you. Comments are open on the Project posts. If you would like to share a project of your own, contact me and we’ll work it out. If there’s something you were looking for but couldn’t find here, let me know. I want this site to be a good resource for all.

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